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booo! you whore

welcome (excuse the profanity above… thats part of my charm)

43 things..
There is this site that lets you set little goals for yourself (my list so far http://www.43things.com/person/hestia8177)… and they send you reminders every couple of months asking you if you’ve done something on your list, and sometimes if you’ve achieved something, how did you achieve it and what advise do you have for other people trying to do the same… and blah-di-blah-di-dah..
Well long story short, I just got a reminder from on of the things on my list, and that is to design something to make the world a better place. When I got this reminder I just wanted to start weeping, shit, has my life as a designer become so mundane that designing something functional that could actually make a difference (not in finance but in purpose) has been so far removed from my every day life… that’s why I’m here. Purposefully stopping doing crap just for money and doing something ‘worthy’.. something that no creative director can tear to pieces, no client-service-serpent can rape, that no one can make you doubt what you are and that you are doing what you’re supposed to do. A creator of things from scratch, and joy and sugar and spice.

A very wise design man genius once told me too keep a journal (about my creativity and life and things that inspires… so this is it. I am by no means an authority but I am a designer.. and this is what I like and what inspire me and some few random musings on life and such.

Hopefully I will be able to tick ‘designing something to make the world a better place’ off my list soonest!


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