random musings

Botter en vriende is liefde*

OMG life is festive, making wedding invite for school mate.. eventhough she wont allow me to put tattoos and dragons design, its loooking festive, will post when its done and dusted… I am also excited by the fact that soon my house will be devoid of camping equipment (I don’t camp) and some few land rover accessories… That was the river, this is the sea, and I am so much of a blissfully happy seal.. not clubbed, just restauranted. Things change, people change and all the important people in my life are quite content at this point in life, and that gives me joy… less drama, more layed back sunday afternoons drinking sauvignon blanc and much of laughter, eventhough winter is coming. When I was younger I loved the the crazy peaks life took me on, now… I like zen. I like cars that work, and jobs that don’t end in tears and friends who are dependable… this is good, and this is me happy*

This from… I steal, sorry love this pic 🙂


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