random musings

man-size sextet

haha… fooled ja didn’t I? this tjoon popped up on shuffle, by PJ Harvey, its rather festive, sort of strange-crazy-people-music.
Why oh way am I awake at this ungodly hour? because I got pissed last night, with good old KJ, *drank tassies* out of choice, not because we are studying… tragic really… but anywhoo woke up at 3am because something strange was happening at his gate and took this as a sigh, go home, and do your freaking work… so I did…

sorry this pic is from…

still I feel pissed… but now after client has been mailed I will attempt to run 5kms… because I am a glutton for punishment… good thing is I get to do fuckol the rest of the day, while the rest of the minions have to work *mwahahahahahah*

sorry, hope I don’t vom on myself on this trying to run thing… coz that would be tragic *
also sometimes my z button doesn’t work and I sound retarded calling things amaing instead amazing… fuck


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