random musings

Really, really kak IPHONE APPS I HAVE BOUGHT *true story*

Ok I apologise beforehand… There are swear words in this post. I am sick and not sleeping and haven’t been able to run or yoga in a week.. so I am a bit more angry than usual.

Let me start off by saying I really love my iphone.. if I had two I’m sure I’d be a better person – even though it has the battery life of a battery chicken.. but FUCK.. some of those apps are just pure VOMIT!

Nr 1. Stumble upon… Was so excited when I found this but alas, as cool as it is on FIREFOX as completely poo it is on iphone doesn’t work. It doesn’t load EVER.. in perfect wireless.. never! Give me back my $2 bitches!

The “This american life app”.. I love the podcast but why sell your crap to me if half of the shit doesn’t work in my country* true story don’t be a dick.. Be a friend, not like BP

The SA TOM TOM app… Really guys? Why bother? This makes no sense, not even a fucking apparition to the actual GPS? You are dick-head fools to this to customers*

Wish auntie Isabel Jones was still around to name and shame these assholes*

And now for a KICK ASS free app plug- the buzzfeed one.. It rocks so much* really get it, it will rock your world!


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