random musings

5 years ago today…

my mom died.

it was a day that changed me and the path my life would take forever.
There is nothing I can say that doesn’t sound cheesy and fuct up… She was an awesome ROCK STAR of human being, and I am still blessed having had her in my life.

she had ovarian cancer:

But the chemo is what did job in the end…
There is nothing I can word-vomit that would bring justice to this day and what it means to me… so very emo-like, here are a couple of things death taught me…
Its ok to be sad
its ok to tell people you are sad
its ok to remember and reminisce
keep the love*

But all in *moderation* otherwise you’ll become emo like me…

Emmie Gous (18/11/1947 - 6/8/2005)

sorry this is a downer for a long weekend… but being woman’s day in a couple of days, I felt I needed to say things I couldn’t 5 years ago*

Peace, love and AWESOMENESS* and be safe x

and just for good measure here is a pic of the coolest unicorn ever!


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