things that make me happy

Beautiful weekend with the beautiful people*

On woman’s day… got a “love-coffee”… yay*

so I made it emo… coz thats how I roll..
Even though I was one of 3 people in Johannesburg who wasn’t at oppikoppi… I got over my initial disappointment and made the best of it… a weekend full of wine, long lunches and the best friends 😀 and even some unexpected spectacular news… but thats not important.

Look at my pretty kiekies 😉

on friday night I pretended to be a youth and went to a ‘drum & base’ party… it was rather festive and I drank crap that I last consumed in the 90’s… namely sambuca* bleugh not a fan of liquorice… but a good time was had by all*

here is friend in pretty light vibes… pretty… lights…

and ooh gorgeous cheesecake with my fab family

and after much of pondering the meaning of life it came to me in menu*

lekker-tye en minimum trane*


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