things that make me happy

You are only as old as the hippies you hang out with*

yes… that are a tramp stamp from night clubbing* whoop whoop… I don’t do this as much as I used to, so when I do am super impressed with my girth… the 40 y-old hippy has memories of me 5 years ago… and I am not entirely that good with staying awake till 3 every night while still keeping a job. But I got myself a vit B jab and off we went… and we were very responsible and got ourselves a taxi. Then hippy said – now we can party twice as hard. I was little scared, but ag… good night with a tjommie that I havent partied with in years sigh it was festive, so festive that I was still hanging on sunday.

all in all a good weekend. I have a happy 🙂

yay and as I got to work Hayibo delivered my purchases 🙂 it is awesome, I even more happy!


2 thoughts on “You are only as old as the hippies you hang out with*

    • melktertontwerp says:

      I think if someone breaks up with you, you are allowed all their stuff that is still in your house… they should have started moving things out pre-break-up… I am mean they can’t expect you to burn your own belongings in anger? #foshizzle

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