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weekend ranting! faarck yeah****

Sooo I went to a party on saturday night and met an actress from a local soap.
before I start making enemies straight away, I just want to say, that maybe I would have reacted the same if it were someone that I idolize… but I deal badly/strangely/weirdly with celebrity, especially of the local variety… I am sorry, don’t stone me, but usually if I am in the company of someone who is/was on tv, I usually think they look familiar because they went to high school with me… and if I click that they didn’t, I ignore them -flat- don’t know why I do this but it works for me…

But being a cow, saturday night was like an epic little gift from the universe after ass-raping me the night before….
actual things she* said:
have you heard about “reach for a dream”? ( no… its not like a world-famous-organisation that try and make the dreams come true of fatally ill children…) really wtf ?
then did a dramatic weeping thing – the kids under 3 don’t qualify for “dreams” because they can’t communicate… um that makes sense to me… these kids are still loved and cared for but not placed on top of the list… I am big supporter of cancer charities, fuck, its the same disease that killed my mother, I have shaved my head and loooked like a doos for months… do not fucking start weeping in front of me…

But skanky boy who sat next to me, was sooooo funny and asked me is she (actress) supposed to be making so much noise while she is wearing MC Hammer pants… I laughed and beer came out my nose-hole! Then he said – its such a pity that we can’t shag (me and him) I stared and blinked… he is married, and a whore, but funny and honest.

Didn’t stay long after that, my contact lens was taking revenge on my eyeball… clearly they had an agreement and I was the one suffering*
Also learned valuble lesson – do not rock up at party at 9 when peeps have been drinking since 12… morsig, baie morsig*

Here are more pic from one of my favourite blogs

like shoo-wow, have an epic week 😉


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