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“The social network”

So thanks to

I got to go and watch the VLEISKOEK (aka Facebook) movie.
I was very confused in the beginning so I made a little ditty, so that no one else has to suffer like I did:

The lip of Jesse Eisenberg will annoy you after a while… trust me.. And you will want to klap him. I just wonder what Mark Zuckerberg thinks that they cast someone less attractive than him to play him..
I would be gatvol… Shame but he has been giving pesos to everyone so he probably wants to make some few back… But back to the movie… it was cool, definitely worth a watch. Very American-John Grisham-eee dramatic but cool none the less..

Facebook has changed the way we interact and I think it is worthy of a movie.. but maybe they should have waited a bit longer to see where its going? I don’t know. Also… but maybe that’s just my chick perspective, they show this guy being a doos to everyone, and I would have liked to know why he is such a doos? Or is he just one of those people who don’t need crap circumstances as an excuse to be a doos… In that case, I salute you Zuckerberg!

A little spoiler… it is said in the movie that Zuckerberg is not a big “hugger”… so hence the “poke” button.. Thought I was really fucking funny when I made this conclusion.

and now for something completely different… but not.
Don’t know how many of you (2) have heard/seen this…

Just a note.. this is NOT a good song to send to someone a month after you’ve broken up with them* #justsaying


5 thoughts on ““The social network”

  1. milien says:

    /hey friend daai liedjie maak my bewoe en histeries lag terselfde tyd. Gan dit vir die fokker skoolkinners stuur wat my maats wil wees

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