random musings

My heart shall bleed right again…

There is no way I can write this without it sounding flippant… but this week I buried my only brother; he committed suicide… I have no answers, only a broken heart…

but even is these severely kak times… life is amazing.. this ebb and flow, the ying and yang…

I am blessed with the most amazing friends and family who heart me and have truly wrapped me up in love and kindness this past week.

Its difficult to stay sad when so many amazing miracles of life are happening around us..
Two of my best friends are both pregnant with what would invariably be two of the most epic rock star babies in the world… they will kick it* and another two awesomeness of friends got engaged yesterday!
**dear friends Riehna & Wilmich here is a tjooon for you guys.. I wish you guys the most epic future together!


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