random musings


sorry I’ve been so quiet… I would love to say its because I’ve been living the high-life and going to parties drinking veuve cliquot out of a crystal flute, but alas.. I went to the coast with my dad. And didn’t do much except reading and slipping in and out of the dark reality that is my life… Don’t mean to sound so emo, but I am feeling a little alone on this planet and I really battle to make sense of WTF is the point of any of this…

So much of fighting about nothing at all… reading books that I forget the second I finish them, smoking way to much even though every single one tastes like a foot.. Now I am starting this new job and have to jab myself with some vile of enthusiasm.. anyone have any? The way I’m feeling now, I just want sell all my shit and go back packing for a couple of years and not talk to anyone… but we all know my hatred towards “the porter potty”, so this will just have to stay a dream…

Shit fuck ass…

from postsecret

eh… tired now… must nap again, will hopefully be back in Jozi soon enough.. all Chirpy and such… ok not chirpy (I’ve never really done “Chirpy”)


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