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my so-called blog*

what a bizarre fucking week people… really* so much of bat-shit crazy…
I really do digg my new job and the people there and being really busy from 9 – 5… but I am sure missing the tweeting and the blogging *sigh… did not even get one follow friday this week (yes I am this kind of loser-lamer)
But this week everything was just a bit off whack.. only walked once this week, a measly 4.5kms (where are the days of 10kms..? oh yes those days I only left my house at 9:15am)

Work got me a new macbook, which I got today, I brought it home coz I was scared to leave it at the office and then everyone stared at me like I was some kind of weirdo (come to think of it I can have “work” macbook and “home” macbook chat to each other and that won’t be strange)

anywhoo enough talking of the pooop… tomorrow night we are going to watch this here chicken – Imogen Heap, I am very excited* I sure do have good friends 😉

also started doing yoga again this week.. I am very aware of having a hamstring, eina* fok… damn downward dog 😦

My objective for this weekend is to make something pretty… still have to decide what that will be (possibly painting my nails because the black chipped thing I’ve been carrying for the past week makes me look more homeless than emo-chic… as if, hahaha)

Ok enough kak praat for now, be safe and awesome and happy and beautiful


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