Long overdue… a lot of yada yada*

People of the interweb… howzit*

I’ve been a kak blogger mostly because I’ve been working & partying hard… sadly more working than partying. Or parties that feel like work (oh strike me own..) All my friends are getting married and… as we know I am more of a funeral girl. I am not being macabre but unfortunately I have designed the funeral letter to four close family members and not one wedding invite, its not just a state of mind, for me, its reality… enough emo.

So I took my old man river (dad) to Neil Diamond on saturday. It was actually really lovely, we laughed and made funnies… i do wish I was less of an asshole sometimes…. i try, but fail mostly* also there were a lot of people with home-made bedazzeld oefits… goodness so much of shiney*

and then wedding on sunday, wore my brides maids dress again, because I look flippen hot in it…

Its really weird how sometimes you lose track of why you are in certain situations, today was one of those days. I felt all honky and weepy and full of shit.. and its only till I pulled myself towards myself that I realised i have lost the plot completely. But thank fuck for that…

I watched a TED video with Rick Warren who wrote “purpose driven life”… a book that I am not ashamed to say basically saved me from turning into a complete nutcase washout after my mom died… and basically it boils down to – God is happy when you do what you are supposed to be doing.. for me that is designing shit and finding shit on the interwebs.. sharing and interacting.


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