random musings

Live life… beautifully

Ok so this is the pay-off line from some ad… what can I say? I steal…
I am the super happy sauce after the penny has finally dropped that I am getting the keys to my new awesomeness-wooden-floored-huge old flat on saturday… I am less than two kilometers from my awesome job and one km from the gautrain station… and sometimes one does have to visit the special boy in snor city… so yay for convenience. Yay.
I don’t like to taunt the universe because it really does like to ass-rape me sometimes… but Fuck-yeah things are going sooper-dooper 🙂 sorry I hate being this poes… don’t hate me for ever. Dark child will return tomorrow 🙂

my song for today 🙂

peace my friends* and light and love… just maybe*


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