The opposite of hip…

For the past 3 years I have been invited to go to the opening night of the Sanlam Food Wine Design Fair except for this one…

I usually go there make a wishlist of beautiful things that I want, get inspired to do some of my own stuff, and usually drink way to much Klipdrift GOLD brandy (because it is delicious)… And I am very sad that eventhough I had the comps and all I could not make it this year. My hipster tolerance is spreading thin as it is, but I received some awful news on Thursday morning, and after a very stressful, keeping my shit together day, I just really wanted to pour a bottle of wine and pizza down my throat in the local eatery across the road. I am sad for all the pretentious craft beers I did not drink, for all the fancy snacks I did not shove into my face, and for all the eye contact I awkwardly avoided, as is my way, I am sure it would have been a blast, as it always is. But I am sure my mood and face would have made everyone feel depro and wanting to leave, so be happy all you hipsters, I was not there to spoil your fun. Hopefully I will be there next year again (if I am invited back after not showing up)..




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