The Poh-poh-poef*



So after the magical, and by magical I mean cursed, couple of weeks I have had (cut hand, job worries, drove into gate, course got cancelled, crying and fighting) I did something stupid to my neck and had to go to physio. On a Monday morning. On the Monday morning which would have been my dead mother’s 66th birthday. PIcture the mood, all the shit from the past couple of weeks and also I am fuck tired, this year has been hardcore. So I drive into a (very very very nice) lady… Partly because my neck is fuct and partly because I think I am just over it. She really was nice, and I feel terrible that I have added to her stress, but this led me to have to do with the amazing, the magical, South African Police Force. Now I have had my share of government departments, I also had to renew my drivers license two weeks ago, I get that these people who work for government, like bulsshit and being unhelpful, but that did not prepare me to the useless unhelpfullness that is the SAPS. If I needed a holiday before, I  need it times ten now… I think I aged 50 years in the past month. Magical times ahead…


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