Wet healing on a budget..

So two weeks ago I took to my left hand with a bread knife, note I was trying to slice a hotdog roll not my hand, but because life is a shit, obviously I cut myself quite badly. The point of this post is not really about that, more about how I did not want get stiches, because, fuck who wants extra pain after cutting themselves? Also I had a meeting in Bryanston in about ten minutes so I had no time for that shit. So I stuck it and drove off, went to pharmacy afterwards and promised everyone i know that if shit got real I would go to the doctor 🙂




But that night when I removed my bandage, I pulled the wound open and it would not stop bleeding, so I went to the ER the next morning and they plastered me up and told me to keep it dry and to not to remove the stuff for 4days, so i showered with a glove, barely used the hand and still managed to feed 10 people (oh hell yeah for me). When I took off that plaster thing on the wednesday, it smelled like viennnas, I’m not going to lie to you, but once it dried it was fine, I have never seen myself healthat quickly, I know it sounds gross, but it works…



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