Eeeeeeeeck* I am going to Designer Vaca!

Ok so far I have sucked at being on sabbatical, mostly because I have done so much freaking freelance work that I am basically not even on sabbatical anymore, and I have only done a teeny tiny trip abroad with ma faja, and a two week fun-times in Cape town with my boyfriend. But its been good. Its a real mind shift to take every day as it comes and not be totally obsessed about “my-so-called-career”. I even did some bits working for a bank which actually was so much nicer than I ever imagined.

But back to my point, last year when the idea of quitting started developing in my brain, I stumbled across the hashtag #designervaca on instagram, it had happened a week or so before I found it, and looked amazing. A bunch of lady-female designers who meet up in Palm Springs to rock it up for a couple of days. In my (then) sad state of mind I made myself a promise that if I ever got the opportunity, I would effing take it and fly to the US and go. When I remembered about and looked at the website again the 2015 one was already fully booked. I wrote them a note and said they must please keep me on the waiting list as I am super keen. And low and behold an effing spot opened up and I am flipping going. I have paid my accommodation and registration… no flights yet, but I am flipping going. My first solo trip in my sabbatical.
I am excite 🙂

Life is short and we must grab the bull by the balsak 🙂 ALSO this woman whose work I have admired since before time began, is also going!

Check out their website here and make sure to watch the video 🙂 and see my name on “who is attending”.

 Exciting times ahead, now I just have to plan my trip, and buy them tickets!

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