So here we are…

When I started my sabbatical, I thought by this time I would be poor, but well travelled and clear-headed about my future and what I want from life. But in real life my sabbatical was all of 3 months and then I started moonlighting at a bank, which was supposed to be only for a month. I was dreading it, but it would be a freelance client… So all good. That was June. Now I am in a different department doing stuff I have never thought I would find even mildly interesting, and loving it! First I hated it. I clung so tightly to my “career” in advertising. And then I realised the lovelyness of working for place that treats you kindly and pays you what you are worth. So I guess what I have learned is the value to just go with it, especially if you aren’t sure what you are supposed to be doing. Magic!


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