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Night…. of a 1000 dronkies

Whoo-hooo, so we had night of a 1000 drawings last night. It was at the Park Station in Jozi.. It was so much fun, I bought 2 drawings, one from Jason Bronkhorst (bought one at the previous exhibition and Jules has two… we digg this boy!) and another from a young dude who is an intern art director at Network… Am happy… yay. Did bleed though, stepped in some few bits of glass, but I seem to have survived all in all.. Wish I had another boerie-roll there coz they wereTAN-fastic!!!

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I heart CHUCK & JOSH xxx

Faarck me… but I cannot even begin to explain the joy that these boys from stuff you should know, has brightened my days… when I’m in traffic or exercising they are entertaining me… really it is worth downloading their podcasts… it brings joy and sometimes it brings gross joy which is even better.

so start listening and wisen up… ignorance is not bliss