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Show me the pesos…

So my car cost me a whopping R10k this week… Yes. Ouch. And my washing and tumble dryer broke… so its been one of those weeks*

Of poor. Balls* so basically laying my cards on the table here on the blog, but I am planning to go the US in two months for burning man with my boy and friends* and my effing car took my plane ticket money, so I need freelance work… Designing, art directing, and ta-dum… food styling* so please internet friends if you hear anything, need anything (not that) please keep the melktert in mind* watch this space an updated version of my porty will be here sooon*






random musings

My dream-car*

A “car”-person.. I’m not. But recently discovered the joys of driving in a Land Rover Defender.. and even more so driving through puddles and splashing other shorter cars… We all need a hobby dammit!

So in a perfect world I would drive a black landy (short one) with flames on the side 🙂 Here is one I plakked some flames on in photoshop.