random musings

Addictions* voyeurism… and other wednesday things

Hey you (one of the three of you blog readers 🙂 must check out this podcast* it is awesome and powerful stuff… having lost my brother to addiction last year, this is truly thought provoking stuff*

Also in the last interview, the discuss 2nd Life addiction and a doci “life 2.0”, friend Nikki found us the preview *yay* if anyone know where I can see this film please… please tell me*

Life 2.0

and then for some voyeurism…
The most amazing Stefan Sagemeister has come up with this for his website… webcam installed above the desks in his studio (real-time people, real-time…)

only kak thing is we can only catch them working at night… seeing they are in New York* CHECK IT HERE

Advertising and Design, Tech Stuff that ARE awesome, things that make me happy

AweSoMe (osssum!!)ness*** true story ;)

things I found through the past couple of weeks, and because I am like nicest little puppet I am sharing it* whooop Whoop!

first: 20 amazing educational design videos

second: some few picz

third: A salt/pepper switch *awesome*
this would entertain me forever* true story

fourth (may the fourth be with you 😉

this little piece of awesome is a PLAYSTATION PHONE… oh my word, my ovaries just did like a little backflip out of the sheer awesomeness of the thought of this* sigh… read more here

Then for the last bit of magic awesomeness from my found items…
at Numero Cinco*

we have the amazing… and surprisingly awesome Mr Price website and in particular this post. IT gives my eyes little orgasms with its epicness*

baie cool goeie werk Mr P*

ooh and one last thing GEEK CRAFTS *ossum* check it out when you have some time 😉