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Dié is die WAARHEID *super fucking awesome*

it is clever and true and so much of awesome… find more here!

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Design isn’t Art…

Aah… green pastures and things to come for me.. Will be starting at the new company on the 12th. They do alot more packaging, which I am very excited about.. Having always had some sweet loving for pop art and all things touched by Andy Warhol, I hope to create some things which can be pretty and functional… Don’t want to jinx it before I start but this is what I had in mind when I decided to pick this sweat, blood and tears fucking career above something that pays better and doesn’t force you into substance abuse.
And then after the ex-man comes and fetches the remainder of his belongings from my house it will definitely be the start of an entirely new chapter.. Weird, there must have been chapters, but never before has it felt so very FINAL…
Here is to the unknown mysteries and amazing adventures that lie ahead, I can not wait 🙂

Have a good and safe long weekend everyone! xxx

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Night…. of a 1000 dronkies

Whoo-hooo, so we had night of a 1000 drawings last night. It was at the Park Station in Jozi.. It was so much fun, I bought 2 drawings, one from Jason Bronkhorst (bought one at the previous exhibition and Jules has two… we digg this boy!) and another from a young dude who is an intern art director at Network… Am happy… yay. Did bleed though, stepped in some few bits of glass, but I seem to have survived all in all.. Wish I had another boerie-roll there coz they wereTAN-fastic!!!


Just some idle Tuesday…

This place is seriously getting to me today… I have moved my computer next to My CD’s , she’s cool so hopefully we’ll get the ball rolling soon. Stoopid faacking client wants me to take my beautiful RED, Black and grey Formula One (-looking) campaign and change it to blue… Because the red reminds client of the gestapo… I’ve never felt so flattered in my whole life! Bastards… Basically this means 45 elements all to be redesigned, goodbye 5 hour sleep, hallo bitchiness and red eyes and caffiene addiction… faack so tired of this… phone me back recruitment tannie, I am desperate, missing my waitressing days….