random musings

2nd coolest website in the world ever.. for today* foshizzle!!

sorry I thought I loved star wars… clearly these guys love it more *happy wednesday*

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Pretty things* from the weekend

Look at the awesome things I got this weekend… I have good friends 🙂
This is from Tanz… I heart it coz it has skulls on…

Then Luigi gave me a copy of his new cd.. MR Barleycorn… yay goth* band!

and then the wonderful Julia and Narciso fished this out of a trashcan in Illovo…

thanks tjommies you all ROCK LIKE MOTHERFUCKERS*

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For the love of filly

Ok so last night I was entertaining some friends with my utter joy of owning my very own bag of horses… when we were discussing what would be the next step to my love of horses (not really *the name Phil means lover of horses and that is not my name)

and it has been decided… I shall paint horses (*horse art)

horse art… me thinks its the new black!!!