Like burning man.. I also believe in gifting*

As in… people buy my gifts… No its not my birthday, but these things of awesome have found their way to my part of the interwebs and I think people should show me they love me, by buying them for me… It just makes sense 🙂

An award winning t-shirt:

and it can be bought here..

then a wolf decorative dittie!

and that can be purchased here

and if you are still questioning whether you are in my good books then:

which can be bought here

things that make me happy

Night…. of a 1000 dronkies

Whoo-hooo, so we had night of a 1000 drawings last night. It was at the Park Station in Jozi.. It was so much fun, I bought 2 drawings, one from Jason Bronkhorst (bought one at the previous exhibition and Jules has two… we digg this boy!) and another from a young dude who is an intern art director at Network… Am happy… yay. Did bleed though, stepped in some few bits of glass, but I seem to have survived all in all.. Wish I had another boerie-roll there coz they wereTAN-fastic!!!

random musings

the songs playing in my head

I love music
I love the “Frida” soundtrack especially “Elliot Goldenthal / Paloma negra” ummm yay today I’m designing an emailer in which free tickets to the FIFA world cup soccer are being given away… I really wanted to make the whole campaign viral… but alas there are always these minions without faith so no social media today. I do learn certain things about myself, nr #1 I am useless on a hangover, seriously, as much as I love a glass of wine, over doing it makes my brain a dry sponge when it comes to pooping out creative concepts.happy days*