random musings

pregnant midgets and other things of the awesome variety*

ok so this midget isn’t pregnant, but look it loves this little horse… yay*
and then some wolf-art… which is always so bad its awesome…

and then an origin story…

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Two things I seriously heart…

Pretty typography and a fantastic bottle of wine… and here they feature together… and from locals no less!
in all honesty, even though I studied in Stellies, I have not tasting these wines… (and believe me there aren’t a lot of wines from that happy valley that I haven’t tasted) In fact had I put as much effort into tasting every wine that Stellenbosch wine farmers had ever created.. in to my studies… well lets just say I would have been president of the world by now *foshizzle*

aah yes… here is their site, which is also quite sweet

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Design isn’t Art…

Aah… green pastures and things to come for me.. Will be starting at the new company on the 12th. They do alot more packaging, which I am very excited about.. Having always had some sweet loving for pop art and all things touched by Andy Warhol, I hope to create some things which can be pretty and functional… Don’t want to jinx it before I start but this is what I had in mind when I decided to pick this sweat, blood and tears fucking career above something that pays better and doesn’t force you into substance abuse.
And then after the ex-man comes and fetches the remainder of his belongings from my house it will definitely be the start of an entirely new chapter.. Weird, there must have been chapters, but never before has it felt so very FINAL…
Here is to the unknown mysteries and amazing adventures that lie ahead, I can not wait 🙂

Have a good and safe long weekend everyone! xxx