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sweet mother of fuck*

I am getting a little fuct off with people who touch my arm and tell me that they are really sorry for me.. these same people are almost annoyed when I am not breaking down… when I deal with my reality… weird fuckers* this fucks me off as well as people who cause me to be a day behind all my stuff… thanks to you, I am going to have to get up at 4 am (again) tomorrow… maybe I should phone you when I’m awake… maybe then you’ll stop acting like a selfish dick..

anywhoo enough bitching..
here is some pretty at your face 😀

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Did you know… Paarl has the longest main Road in South Africa?*

Actual conversation I had with friend I’m going to visit this weekend
Friend: What time are you landing?
Me: 2 bells
Friend: Cool, I’ll be there, oh and pack something pretty because we’re going to a “quick” funeral on saturday and then we’ll have a spit braai just like on varsity..

Yes I am that kind of emo…
lol… no I am very excited, haven’t seen my friend in years and we’ll be on farm-land with horses and vino 🙂 happy days*

Here’s the coolest Illustration of the day:

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