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freaking epic Cartography*

I have no words about how happy this makes me… epic* awesome-sauce happy…


please check out this man’s awesomeness here*

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Inspiration blog beauty*

13 art & photo blogs you need to follow

Is this just a picture of a bald man?
No it is a genius-man of sound – Julian Treasure, check out all of his TED vids, they blow your brain. Trust me, I am epically wise… and really the birdsong bullcrap really does work, in terms of productivity and a beautiful mind experience*

ag ok so this is a cop because I mentioned this a while ago… but here it is again ๐Ÿ˜‰
ok besides that I have worked out that my nespresso machine (that I got from my beautiful friends for my birthday) is costing me R800 a month (FUCK!!!). A friend said to me its like giving a tik addict a meth lab…. mmm

mine does not have all the bling as the ones in this picture… but it is still awesome.
Also adding magnesium to my hands full of pills I drink daily has returned my sleep pattern to normal:

I know this from “sleep cycle” iphone app I downloaded last week… besonders BEFOK ๐Ÿ™‚
OK ENOUGH bull from me…
have a good wednesday people*