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light and good times*

So last night I had a weird dream… I dreamed a friend of mine became like some natural healer.. and the other natural healer people he hang out with told me that I was cursed but that if take some few roots and herbs I can break it… so I took them and felt all peaceful and calm and happy and zen..

My shrink has a theory about dreams, that it doesn’t matter who features in your dreams, that they are all extensions of yourself and different parts of your personality that you need to consider. So what I have taken out of this, is that finally, after a super kak year last year, I am in a better head-space… I woke up this morning feeling light and peaceful.

So here is a picture of a wolf… because everyone deserves that 😉

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the calmness calamity*

Its end November… and me thinks we are all so fucking tired, its not even funny… I feel like the prostitute with no medical aid… A sad feeling indeed..
but lookee…

I’ve been seeing these things every where… and thought they were just a trend… actually I didn’t think. Perfect example of how very necessary research is.. Had I been British I would have probably recognised this as pre-WW2… but I am the loser-no-clue wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt “coz it looks cool”… eh I need to save myself from myself in the foot and mouth department 😉

The original: from 1939 <read more here

Well there you have it… for the people who are stooopid like me, a lesson in pop culture 😉