random musings

Just call me mixed-feeling-girl, the new kind of super hero*

*its the truth* sorry….
anywhoo so rocked Imogen Heap last night, I did not know she was in Frou Frou… festive surprise* this one of my favourite Frou Frou songs (covers)

This is a weird youtube tho.. But sometimes we all need a hero 😉

but emperor’s palace is a bit of a mind fuck, let me tell you… tread lightly… fights will break out… its how they roll…

random musings

driving in the rain and tjoons and such*

Saw this band one night at some creepy animal rights jol, I was very hungover form the night before (those were my Jolly Rodger days…) and that band was the ONLY good thing about THAT night…

So fast fwd 4 years (shit-fuck) ahead, had the pleasure of of drinking way too many beers at the Bowls Club with no one other than Chad from the band… thanks for the tjoons dude, you guys still rock 🙂

Check out their fb page, and enjoy the pretty “Us kids know” and have some few ear pleasure 🙂