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Show me the pesos…

So my car cost me a whopping R10k this week… Yes. Ouch. And my washing and tumble dryer broke… so its been one of those weeks*

Of poor. Balls* so basically laying my cards on the table here on the blog, but I am planning to go the US in two months for burning man with my boy and friends* and my effing car took my plane ticket money, so I need freelance work… Designing, art directing, and ta-dum… food styling* so please internet friends if you hear anything, need anything (not that) please keep the melktert in mind* watch this space an updated version of my porty will be here sooon*






random musings

new things…

something to consider…

anywhoo.. started my new job yesterday and the stress of that is making me a leeetle loopy.
Its difficult trying to be sunshine Barbie when really all you want to be is Wednesday Addams… but try I must… must also try and remember the names of the people I now work with. Or I can go go my brothers’ route and call everyone “Angel”.
Will keep you posted on the pure unadulterated excitement that is my life.. Can you hear the sarcasm? According to my father, thats the only service I offer *nice…