Something sad, something new…

I am so sad for Japan… Friday I was sitting with my mouth open like stoopid and just staring at the CNN in sheer horror..
Here are some more beautiful and powerful design work to help…

Design… the translating of complex, unorganised, or unstructured data into valuable, meaningful information… (not always meaningful… sadly*)

and then on a lighter note, subversive cross-stich has made these (I just can’t get enough of this asshole…) sorry no link coz, they have shut it down to subversive cross-stich… from last night to now.. wtf???

random musings

banging 7 gram rocks awesome*

ok so this getting on the band wagon a bit… but fuck… this dude, I am loving and hating him so much* he is really cool, but having a brother who was an addict and died from it, I’ve heard all this random wired bullshit from the mouth of an addict… fuck.

have a good beautiful weekend and make clever choices my lovelies x